University of Colorado

  • Marketing strategy for ISIS: “ISIS” is a Biomed product, which is embedded in the patients and measures blood sugar of the body and accordingly injects insulin in the body. The objective of research was to develop strategies to market the product successfully. This included product designing, market survey, promotional website, designing market strategy, and presenting the elevator speech. This project was a part of my High-Tech marketing course. This project won Pitch day or elevator speech day competition for the best new product idea in “CU venture challenge.” My team competed against 35 other teams for new type of biomedical device for insulin delivery. Team is now attempting to obtain venture funding for the idea.
  • Clearwire WiMAX Business case study: For my case study I considered the rollout process for the WiMax technology for San-Francisco Bay area and presented viable financial numbers such as good Internal rate of return (IRR), CAPM and WACC to support my business case study.
  • WiMAX jamming threat and risk analysis: I analyzed WiMax 802.16e networks for the impacts of jamming on data flowing over the network by means of simulation techniques and data gathering. In this paper I suggested financially viable counter measures for service providers depending on risk assessment of the data.
  • Triple-Play technology: A research project for International Telecommunication Policy course. The scope of the project was to analyze the issues related to policies, market, finance and network structure required for deploying triple-play strategies in Egypt.

University of Mumbai

  • Electronic Surveillance System for ONGC: A PC (VB Interface) and Microcontroller based Surveillance system employing code lock, EEPROM Keys, and PC monitoring, controlling and database management including videos for the access control of highly confidential areas.

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